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Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime Error Solution

What to do to fix Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015 Runtime Error

Complete Windows updates completely.

Step 2
Installing the following micrososft visual packages

When you successfully install the micrososft packages we provide on your computer, the error disappears.

Existing versions such as Valorant Teamspeak 3 give micrsosft visual c ++ 2015 runtime error in the error report, but current software always needs microsoft visual C ++ 2019.
so when you install micrsoft visual C ++ 2015, the problem is not solved.
runtime error resolved when you install micrsoft visual C ++ 2019

The solution method will be to install the micrsoft visual c ++ 2019 package.

If your operating system is 32 bit, you only need to install x86 bit.

If your operating system is 64 bit, install both x86 and x64 bit visual packages.

Before installing these two updates on your computer, make sure you have completed the Windows updates completely.

If Windows updates are missing, Microsoft Visual C ++ 2019 runtime installation may not be successful.

Downloading and installing Microsoft visual C ++ 2019 package rumtime error will be resolved

Microsoft visual C++ 2019 x86 x64 bit download

Alternative download link

If you don't know how to do it, you can watch the video narration from this link
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